(GIA Publications, Inc.)

A most remarkable book, edited by Mark Camphouse, with a foreword by Mallory Thompson.

Using a journalistic approach, editor Mark Camphouse has elicited interesting, thoughtful, and intensely useful information from our major concert band composers.

The concept of the book is direct and effective: ask eleven composers to write about the same topics -- for example:

  • The Creative Process
  • The Approach to Orchestration
  • Views from the Composer to the Conductor Pertaining to Score Study and Preparation
  • The Relationship Between the Composer and the Commissioning Party
  • Ten Works I Believe All Band Conductors at All Levels Should Study

... and so on, closing with a comprehensive list of works for band for each composer. In sum, you get eleven quite different and intriguingly informative essays by:

  • James Barnes
  • Timothy Broege
  • Mark Camphouse
  • David Gillingham
  • David R. Holsinger
  • Karel Husa
  • Timothy Mahr
  • W. Francis McBeth
  • Robert Sheldon
  • Jack Stamp
  • Frank Ticheli

Who should read this? Conductors, Composers. Students. Anyone who likes a good read.

Hardcover, 385 pages (GIA Publications, Inc.)

Description written by Bob Margolis, Director, Manhattan Beach Music


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